So who is this guy?

Photo of Max laughing and holding a laptop

I look back on a decade of songwriting, playing concerts all around North America, and living the highs and lows of the touring musician lifestyle, as an amazing ride of an experience. I am so grateful to have had a unique opportunity that most people never get to do, but am excited to be able to showcase my abilities to connect with people and be a good listener by working in product design.

What I love about being a UX/UI Designer is that it builds off of so many of the skills that I built as a touring musician. Of course, playing a concert is vastly different from working on a UX project. However, whether it be meticulously crafting a set list to fit a specific venue, or improvising on the fly to entertain a crowd, those skills speak to both music and product design.  In product design projects I constantly read the room, empathize with users, and ideate to develop solutions that enrich people's lives. While the atmosphere may be different, I’m still working to serve an audience.

As you can probably tell from the photo of me laughing while posing with a laptop (that isn't even mine), I'm a pretty big goofball. This allows me to thrive in team environments by bringing charismatic, thoughtful, positive, and creative energy to the table when working on any part of the product design process.

When not designing I'm...